10 seconds is doable!
10 seconds is doable!

10 Seconds of Courage #oneatatime

Natalie’s first book, 10 Seconds of Courage® focuses on one of our most enduring fears – the fear of public speaking. Often greater than the fear of spiders and even death, fear of public speaking or any type of speaking can stifle your opportunities and rob you of the confidence you deserve. 10 Seconds of Courage® is the means to reducing your discomfort, anxiety and fear, and developing confidence and stepping up as a successful presenter. It is a simple yet profound approach, available to anyone wishing to address the age old ‘fear of public speaking’ and lack of self confidence.

Through personal mentoring conversations Natalie works with people around the world – leaders, employees, parents, students – to recognise their fear, help reduce it and build their courage and confidence in order to create lasting change. Drawing upon more than three decades of learning and teaching – Natalie helps people apply these principles to their business and their life.

The Journey of the 5 Principles

Choosing Courage

Recognising Your Negative Inner Voice

Activating Mindfullness

Self-Awareness and The Magic Mirror

Being Your Authentic Self

The 5 principles of 10 Seconds of Courage® are the foundation of smart, quick, easy ways to reduce fear, build confidence and create lasting change.


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