10 seconds is doable!
10 seconds is doable!


Natalie Cossar | Author


Natalie Cossar is driven by her personal journey, enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping others.


Natalie brings together her empathy for others’ fears and uncertainty, with this disciplines she gained throughout her 30 year career. She is the first and foremost committed to a “no nonsense approach” and the absolute belief that is is possible to reduce fear, build confidence and create positive lasting change.

She now has a mantra she lives by: courage and giving are the keys to a satisfying and rewarding life. For three decades she has been working with organisations and individuals who seek smart, quick, easy principles to boost courage, position themselves as confident communicators, establish their credibility and engage a healthy and positive mindset – both at home and in the workplace.

Natalie wishes she learnt this at school. Immigrating to Australia at the impressionable age of 12 amplified her anxieties and dimmed her self-confidence. Natalie spent a major part of her life in the company of fear and her own negative inner voice. Her journey and early fears did not prepare her with the appropriate personal and professional skills she needed as she entered the workforce. Then everything changed.

In a courageous step, she enrolled in a program to find herself confidence and self-worth. She found it, and in doing so, also found her passion – helping others. Natalie transformed from a position of fear to became the youngest female instructor in Australia for Dale Carnegie’s Effective Speaking & Human Relations course.

Fast forward a few years to new challenges, learnings and another passion – parenthood. An “aha” moment occurred – there is no separation between home and the workplace because the whole person lives in both.

Natalie discovered a positive parenting process that provided astonishing results for a harmonious home and work balance. She studied the process and became an accredited trainer of the Goulding SleepTalk® Process.

Natalie continued to help more and more people tackle fear and embrace courage. She developed very personal non-negotiables, including The Journey of the 5 Principles of 10 Seconds of Courage® and The CHART™ Model. Believing so much in her principles – Natalie then wrote her first book: 10 Seconds of Courage®.

Natalie lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children and two dogs.

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